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Sports Hall Activities

Our 6 court multi-sports sports hall has a host of different activities and sports available including:

Badminton, Basketball, Pickleball, Table Tennis, Futsal, Short Tennis, Exercise Classes and is available to hire for you to use the space. You can hire all the equipment from us or bring your own, it’s up to you.



Badminton is a great social sport that is fun for any age and ability. Whether it be playing with friends or with family you will have a great time. Not only this it’s proven to increase mobility, help lose weight and make you have fun.

View Waterside – Badminton Timetables
Waterside – Badminton


You might not have heard of Pickleball, but it’s one of the most fun sports around. It is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK and is currently the fastest growing sport in the USA.

Pickleball is a cross between Badminton, Tennis & Table Tennis to create this brilliant sport. You hit a lightweight plastic ball over a tennis style net with a paddle. Played by both young and old, it has loads of benefits including increased mobility and aids weight loss.

View Waterside – Pickleball Timetables
Waterside – Pickleball


Basketball is a great sport to get you fitter and healthier and is enjoyed by millions across the world. You can hire a single hoop to practice shooting with your friends or enquire about booking an entire court for a proper game of Basketball.

View Waterside – Basketball Timetables
Waterside – Basketball

Table Tennis

Also known as Ping Pong, is a fun, enjoyable game for the entire family. Although not as physical as other sports it still requires small bursts of activity and quick reactions. Playing regularly will improve your hand eye co-ordination, balance and concentration. Table Tennis truly is a sport for anyone.

View Waterside – Table Tennis Timetables
Waterside – Table Tennis

Futsal / 5 a side football

Book a game of Futsal or play 5 a side football inside in our Sports Hall. The space means you can work on close control, short passing and skills to take back outside onto our outdoor football pitches.

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Sports Hall Hire

Our sports Hall is a large space that can host a whole host of different events. Hire part of the hall to have small scale children’s parties or have the whole hall for full scale events. We can accommodate all of your needs.

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