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Both Runnymede Leisure Centre and Waterside Farm Leisure Centre have a Synrgy rig which creates endless exercise choices for your workout. Perfect for creating your own circuits and having fun.

The latest Life fitness cardio equipment is used at both sites with Discovery SE3 and SE3 HD screens for all your entertainment needs whilst exercising.

There is a series of fixed resistance machines at both centres to incorporate strength training into your workout to hit every area of your body.

Free weights

Both centres have a brilliant free weights area with Waterside Farm Leisure Centre being a Hammer Strength Training Centre after having a large collection of plate loaded Hammer strength machines. With dumbbells ranging from 2.5 kilograms up to 62.5 kilograms, we have something no matter your experience.


The Fort

The Fort, functional fitness at another level

The Fort incorporates a mixture of strength and functional equipment including multiple rigs and a 13 metre sled track down the middle. The rigs include squat racks, peg walls, pull up bars, rope climbs and boxing zones among so much more.

With incredible artwork around the walls you won’t find a better place to workout. For such a great area comes great classes. Fort Strong, Fort Fit and Fort Strike.

Fort Strong – Focus on physical strength and maximal efforts, you’ll push sleds, lift atlas stones and lift weights to new strength heights.

Fort Fit – A super intense class that focuses on functional fitness through high reps to get you fitter than ever.

Fort Strike – A blend of boxing and combat training skills that will improve your skills and fitness at the same time.

Instructors & 1-2-1 process

Our instructors are on hand nearly all the time in our gyms so if you need help with anything they’ll be there. Whether you need advice or just a friendly person to talk to they’re there for you.

They can also write you a programme, show you the equipment & get you started so you can get going on your journey.

Need an update to your workout? Book in for a review meeting with one of us, we’ll update your plan to suit you and your progression!


Boditrax is a clever bit of kit that measures 20 different body measurements in just 30 seconds so you can better see your progress and go into detail of where you need to improve.  

It’s not always just about weight. When you first start at the gym you are likely to put on muscle weight to begin with, even if you’re losing body fat. The scales might say you’re going the wrong way to your goals but Boditrax will tell you straight.  

Boditrax tells you your body fat, visceral fat, metabolic age, muscle mass in each area of the body. Boditrax will help you get the results you need.  


Use Myzone to get your fitness to the next level. No matter your ability Myzone will be for you. Designed get everyone on an even playing field, Myzone uses MEPS (Myzone Effort Points) you get in relation to your heart rate so the fittest will still get the same amount of points as the least fit.

See your stats in the app, during Fort classes or on a leaderboard against our other Myzone users in club or throughout the world. Perfect for giving you that push and having a little bit of fun with fitness.

Buy a Myzone at the Waterside Farm Leisure Centre reception desk now.

Personal Training

Want some more one to one help with your training, get nutritional support and be more likely to reach your health and fitness goals quicker? If yes, personal training is for you!

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