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Health & Wellbeing

Making health and wellbeing achievable for everyone

At Castle Point Leisure we believe that good health and wellbeing should be available and achievable for everyone. Health and wellbeing should be fun and not as daunting as it’s often made out to be.

We work with a wide range of local health partners and offer a whole host of activities and classes to help those that might need a little more than the average gym goer. No matter what your physical ability or ableness we can help you here at Castle Point Leisure.

We can help you…

Exercise is the best way to get fitter and healthier and is best known for losing weight. However, there are so many other health benefits including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and therefore reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes among many others.
Our centres are known for the community feel and wide range of people that attend. We’ve helped so many people that have needed help with physical activity but also help with socialising with others in the local community. We encourage everyone to take part in socialising after activities so it improves your overall wellbeing.
Exercising can instantly release endorphins that make you feel good and reduce stress. Regular exercise can also remodel the Dopamine reward system meaning you have more dopamine in your body. Socialising and being around other people can reward your body with Oxytocin. Doing all three of the above will also increase your Serotonin production and all four of these DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin Serotonin, Endorphins) chemicals will lead to you feeling happier and provide lots of mental health benefits.
By exercising regularly you will become physically fitter and healthier, meaning you will be able to complete day to day tasks quicker, better and longer into your older years.

Using the activities at our centres as a tool to socialise more with others and make new friends that you will stop you feeling lonely, can help with cognitive skills, and increases your overall wellbeing.

By regular taking part in exercise your DOSE chemicals will increase and make you feel happier overall. All three of these things really can improve your overall health and wellbeing and make you live better for years to come. We can help you every step of the way here at Castle Point Leisure.

Our wellbeing referral is for anyone who has been referred to us either via a health professional or you can also self-refer. You will get more help than the average gym goer and we will help you design an activity programme which is designed specifically to improve your health and wellbeing.

The programme helps people lead a healthier, happier life through a variety of physical and social activities.

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Our Get Active classes are the perfect for those new to fitness or senior customers looking to stay fit and healthy. We offer a wide variety of classes so there is going to be some that suit you. All Active classes are programmed to be at times to suit you and are designed to be gentler than our other classes.

Anyone can take part in these classes no matter your physical fitness ability or prior experience. We have several customers take part on chairs so they can still get the benefits of exercise.

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Sport for Confidence is a unique organisation that places Occupational Therapists in Leisure Centres using physical activity to have a positive impact on people’s lives and to enable occupational outcomes through inclusive opportunities. Looking at tackling inequalities so that everyone enjoys community spaces which promote movement, activity, wellbeing and relationships.

We work together with people who encounter challenges and barriers when participating in sport and physical activity, as everyone should have the opportunity to participate in activities that matter to them, to enhance their health and well-being.

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We offer a free health check for anyone. We’ll run through your current lifestyles and do a health check on our Boditrax machine and show you where your doing well and where you need to improve. We’ll give you guidance on how to do this and how to get there going forward.

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